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Diagnostic assessment usually takes about 4 or 5 hours to complete and involves detailed interview with yourself examining behaviours and thinking styles throughout your life from early childhood to present. It is often helpful for an individual who knew you well as a child, to be involved in this interview, this can be parent, aunt or older sibling or cousin.  If an informant is not available to report on early development then an assessment can still be completed in most circumstances. During the course of the interview, an assessment of social interaction and social communication runs concurrently.
Diagnostic assessments are completed in one day and pace of the assessment will be dictated by yourself. Taking regular breaks throughout the assessment is quite normal.
Where there are complexities in presentation that bring about complex decision making, consultation may occur with other members of the organisation when required.
Your report will detail how you either meet or do not meet the diagnostic criteria for an autism spectrum disorder. Flexibility in applying the diagnostic criteria requires to be applied especially when considering autistic females and those with complex early histories, however it is imperative that you are prepared for the fact that the outcome of assessment does not meet your expectations.
Costs – Complete Diagnostic Assessment Including Report £1500 
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Post diagnostic Sessions - Developing a new sense of self – often individuals who receive a diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder report that they find, not only the diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder helpful , but the actual process of going through the assessment, enlightening.  Initial support in understanding and developing a new sense of self is is integral to the diagnostic process, but sometimes individuals welcome the opportunity to discuss their diagnosis and access support to develop strategies that reduce the impact of their autism on their life, especially with regard to relationships both in the family and in the work place.
Costs - £95 per 1 Hour Session

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