Skype Therapy

Online therapy via Skype allows you to access therapy wherever is convenient for you, even in the comfort of your own home. This form of therapy saves on travelling costs and time. Some people find that they feel more relaxed accessing therapy from home rather than in a clinic room. It can also be useful if you have difficulties arranging childcare, travelling to a clinic or have health difficulties affecting your ability to access a clinic.

Why Skype?

Skype is free software that allows you to make free videoconferencing calls through your current broadband connection. Therapy via video (webcam) is as close as you can get to a face to face conversation using the internet as is it virtually ‘live’ depending on your internet connection and allows you to access all the visual cues you usually would during a conversation.

What do I need?

o   A quite place for therapy to take place where you are comfortable and will not be interrupted

o   A sufficient broadband connection 

o   If you do not already have Skype on your PC or laptop, you will need to download Skype and set up an account at

o   You will need a webcam and microphone 

Are Skype sessions secure?

Whilst no communication over the internet can be guaranteed as 100% secure, it is very difficult for a Skype conversation to be hacked by a third party as it is a secure application which uses encryption for all video calls. You can find out more about security when using Skype and how to keep your information safe here.

What if the connection is lost?

If a session is scheduled or a session is in progress and the internet connection is lost or there is another issue with the technology, your therapist will remain available for 15 minutes. If we cannot reconnect within that time, please contact us via telephone or email to reschedule.

How to make it happen

o   Book your appointment
o   Pay the session fee
o   Contact therapist (Skype name will be shared) at appointment time 
Contact me today to have an informal chat before making an appointment.
There is no charge for this initial discussion. 

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